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PBuilding on our PC-based alloy product technologies encompassing PC/ABS, PC/PBT,
PC/ASA, etc., we are working to expand our development into other alloy products
including PA,PPO and PA/ABS and to develop eco-friendly materials such as paintless,
high-gloss and scratch-resistant PC/PMMA.


In line with industrial advancements, there is a growing need for highly functional high-polymer
materials with heat-resistance and chemical-resistance, and, in particular,
the development of compact, lightweight and highly-functional automotive & electronic
parts has led to an increasing demand for heat-resistant, chemical-resistant and high-strength materials.
In order to meet such a growing demand, we are conducting research
on highly functional super engineering plastic compound such as PPC, PPS and LCP.


We are working on intensive research in the areas of Nano Composites, electrical conductivity and thermal
conductivity using Nano materials such as advanced composite material Carbon Nano Tube(CNT), Nano-Clay and Ceramic Power.
We believe this research will be the driving force of our company in the future.