Production Process

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Mixing Process
• A process of mixing base resin with additives (powder type) to make the first mixture that is made up of evenly-mixed materials.
• This is a primary material dispersion system that utilizes Super mixer, Ribbon mixer, Tumbler, etc.
Extrusion Melting Process
• A process of heating up the mixture and supplied filler to turn them into fluid pressurizing melted materials and then pushing them through a certain shaped die.
• Feeding Zone : Provides the first mixed compound.
• Side Feeder Zone : A fixed-quantity feeding system which feeds a fixed amount of GF or MF in one or two spots.
• Melt & Mixing Zone : Adjusts screw configuration according to types of materials to reinforce material property through secondary optimal dispersion of the first mixture and fillers such as GF and MF and enhances alloy material coupling.
• Gas Vent Zone : Emits gas within the cylinder, removing gas inside the melted resin.
Cooling process
• Adjusts water tank temperature and flow distance for impregnation to keep strand at its optimal state.
• Process for cutting by adjusting the Pellet Size for use
(for injection, extrusion, film, fiber)
• Remove dust, long bell, etc. from the cutting chip and remove them to select a uniform size pellet
Drying / Packaging
• Vacuum packing process for preventing moisture absorption after drying.
• Packaging wrap (2 types): Paper wrapper and bulk bag
• Deliver to customer at any time and place